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A bit about Paloma Forde....

Paloma Forde  is passionate about teaching, and has 20 years of experience in the field of Special Educational Needs and over 12 years of experience of Dyslexia.  Early Intervention and Early Detection are essential.  She founded Screening4Dyslexia in April 2016 and by January 2017, already received recognition by Dragon Den's Theo Pathitis by winning Small Business Sunday. (Only 1% of 370 000 make it!)  She then went on to get recognition about her work by Jacqueline Gold (CBE) in June the same year.  She provides screenings, specialised tuition, assessments, workshops for parents and Growth Mindset coaching for kids.   Don't delay, email her today to find out how she can help your child flourish! 


Dyslexia Screenings & Other Assessment Work

Screening4Dyslexia can screen children age 4 years up to the age of 16 years.  If you are worried about your child's progress at school, then your child maybe part of the 10% of the population who is showing signs of a Specific Learning Difficulty.  Screenings are quick and will give an indicative score as to the likelihood of your child being 'at risk'. They focus on 3 key areas; phonological processing, auditory sequential memory & phonics decoding skills.  Remember, you don't need a full diagnosis to start a successful intervention. That is what this service is all about.  We do NOT diagnose your child, we provide screenings.  

Screening4Dyslexia also provides Maths Diagnostic Assessments and other English assessments.  Email to find out all about our other additional services.  


Specialised Tuition & Growth Mindset Coaching

The Specialised tuition uses a combination of resources and tools.  A Multi-sensory approach to learning is offered based on the Orton-Gillingham philosphy which we know does work.  All tutoring comes in blocks, that way there is room for continuous review.  The work undertaken can be measured, as all students start with a 'placement' test which is then reviewed at the end of each piece of 'block work'.  Group discounts apply. (Request details when you enquire)  

Our Growth Mindset Coaching Course for kids is offered over a 6 week period.  This will focus on the Carol Dweck philosophy of working on the differences between 'fixed mindset' & 'growth mindset'.  Email us today to find out more information about all our services. 

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