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Partnership with Zaprendo


Proud partners with - Sounds English Phonics!

We are excited to be partnered with the wonderful Zaprendo who have created and own the App 'Sounds Phonics English'.  This is why we like it:  

  • Perfect for learners with a reading age of 6-9 years, and English language learners of all ages.
  • Synthetic phonics based approach using 92 essential written sounds and 1800 practice words.
  • Application of successful classroom strategies in a powerful digital tool.
  • Algorithm based learning which identifies the specific needs of each learner, teaching them only the sounds they don’t know.
  • Uses “Formative Assessment” – identifies from errors that should be learnt next.
  • WE NOW SELL THESE ANNUAL APP LICENSES TO OUR CLIENTS at a discounted rate.  PM us for details...


Jacqueline Gold - Personal Quote as part of my Wow Win Award.

Winning Jacqueling Gold's WOW win back in June 2017, helped Paloma Forde get even more recognition for her small business. This is what CBE Jacqueline Gold said about Screening4Dyslexia:   

““I selected Paloma as one of my WOW winners because she is working to bridge a growing gap between Dyslexia screening and early intervention. Her business, Screening4Dyslexia, has been helping children to succeed with their learning, allowing them to get the most out of their education and live life to the full.'


Still not sure?

As many as 44% of parents will sit on a niggle for over a year about their child's learning, reading and spelling.  The quicker you find out what is wrong and how you can help, the quicker your child will start to learn.   

This is what past clients have said about us: 

Maria K (Surrey) - Dyslexia Screening - Feb 2019  -' I can't recommend Paloma enough, she has totally put my mind at ease, my son and I came away feeling so positive after the screening. Paloma offered such good advice and tips to help my son with his reading. We are so happy with the service and would definitely recommend Screening4Dyslexia.'

Dawn.E.  (Hove) - Online Service - March 2019  'Paloma made my son feel very relaxed and it was great that he could do the screening from the comfort of his own home. It was invaluable to gain some insight into the areas where he is struggling which then assisted  us in approaching his school and discussing further actions. It's hard to know where to start when you think your child may be dyslexic and the screening supported us in taking the first steps in understanding how to help my son.'

Jo T - (London) - On Growth Mindset Coaching - Jan 2019  'My son has really low self esteem and thinks he can’t do most things before even trying to do them. He’s just completed the 6 week growth mindset course with Paloma and we’ve noticed a real difference in his mental attitude. His confidence is growing as he’s now more willing to try new things and this is all helping improve his self esteem. We have also come away with really useful tools to work at with him as it will be a continuing process. Growth mindset is definitely something we can all benefit from, I highly recommend this 6 week course with Paloma.'